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Newly Built Subdivisions

Hampton Chase
Newly built homes off Anderson Lane in Milton, Florida

Magnolia Glen, Milton, FL

Magnolia Glen
New gated community that has new developments by Flynn Built and Timberland Contractors.

Cadence Place, Milton, FL

Cadence Place
New Construction Homes In Milton, FL by Holiday Builders

Subdivisions with Descriptions and Articles

Adrian Woods, Milton, FL

Adrian Woods
New Feel And Gorgeous Setting!

Ashton Woods, Milton, FL

Ashton Woods
Development Off Of Hamilton Bridge Road.

Avalon Beach, Milton, FL

Avalon Beach
Extremely Large Named Area!

Avalon Estates, Milton, FL

Avalon Estates
Newer Subdivision By Paragon Custom Home Group!

Bay Oaks Estates, Milton, FL

Bay Oaks Estates
Waterfront Property On East Bay In Milton!

Bay Point Retreat, Milton, FL

Bay Point Retreat
Started As A Waterfront Subdivision In 1988!

Bay Point Plantation, Milton, FL

Bay Pointe Plantation
luxury waterfront subdivision!

Berryhill Estates, Milton, FL

Berryhill Estates
Subdivision Off Of Berryhill Road!

BreckenRidge, Milton, FL

Older Subdivision That Started In 1990!

Cadence Place, Milton, FL

Cadence Place
New Construction Homes In Milton, FL!

Cambria, Milton, FL

A D.R Horton Subdivision enclosing Bennett Russell Elementary.

Carmell Ridge, Milton, FL

Carmell Ridge
Started In 2018 By Adams Homes!

Cedar Ridge, Milton, FL

Cedar Ridge
Fairly Older Subdivision With No HOA!

Charleston Oaks, Milton, FL

Charleston Oaks
Subdivision Off Of Dogwood Drive!

Cheyenne Estates, Milton, FL

Cheyenne Estates
Subdivision Off Of Anderson Lane!

College Park, Milton, FL

College Park
Subdivision Off Byrom Street!

Costa’s Ridge
Beautiful home sites in the Rural area in-between Milton and Jay.

Cottages of Hamilton Bridge, Milton, FL

Cottages of Hamilton Bridge
Cottage-Based Subdivision In Milton!

Cottonwood, Milton, FL

A gated community with development by multiple home builders.

Country Club Estates, Milton, FL

Country Club Estates
Large Named Area Off Pine Blossom Road!

Country Squire Estates, Milton, FL

Country Squire Estates
Named Street Off Pine Blossom Road!

Creekside Estates, Milton, FL

Creekside Estates
Great Variation Of Home Styles that Run along pond creek.

Escambia Bay Estates, Milton, FL

Escambia Bay Estates
Waterfront Street Subdivision!

Escambia Shores, Milton, FL

Escambia Shores
Waterfront Subdivision On San Juan St!

Eventide Estates
A gated subdivision with custom homes in Milton by Timberland Contractors.

Forest Grove, Milton, FL

Forest Grove
Named Area Off Hwy 87!

Garcon Point, Milton, FL

Garcon Point
Waterfront Area Right Beside Garcon Point Bridge!

Gardenbrook, Milton, FL

Spec Homes built in-between 2004 To 2006.

Georgetown Estates, Milton, FL

Georgetown Estates
Subdivision Off Of Stewart Street!

Glen Forest, Milton, FL

Glen Forest
Started In 2005 By Joe Baker Homes

Hamilton Crossing
A private community with Contemporary, Craftsman, or Ranch style of homes.

Hammock De Galvez, Milton, FL

Hammock De Galvaz
A Subdivision Near East Bay!

Hampton Chase (NEW)
Beautiful home sites in Milton with a scenic countryside environment by Adams Homes.

Happy Acres, Milton, FL

Happy Acres
Named Area Off Da Lisa Road!

Hawks Nest, Milton, FL

Hawks Nest
Connects Hamilton Bridge Rd And Glover Lane!

Hayes Heights, Milton, FL

Hayes Heights
Named Area Off Berryhill Road!

Highland Park, Milton, FL

Highland Park
Named Community Off Park Ave NW!

Holley-Cliff, Milton, FL

Holley-Cliff Estates
Started In 2014 By Thomas Home Corp!

Hunters Ridge, Milton, FL

Hunter’s Ridge
Started In 1993 Off Anderson Lane!

Indian Bayou Estates, Milton, FL

Indian Bayou
A singular street that follows along Escambia Bay.

Jaimee's Ridge, Milton, FL

Jaimee’s Ridge
Started In 2002 By Adams Homes!

Jolene, Milton, FL

Jolene Estates
Named Community Off Hamilton Bridge Road!

Lakewood Manor, Milton, FL

Lakewood Manor
Large And Separated Named Area!

Las Colinas, Milton, FL

Las Colinas
Started In 2005 By Thomas Home Corp!

Magnolia Bend, Milton, FL

Magnolia Bend
Subdivision With Townhomes And Homesteads!

Magnolia Glen, Milton, FL

Magnolia Glen
New gated community that has new developments by Flynn Built and Timberland Contractors.

Marblehead Estates, Milton, FL

Marblehead Estates
Subdivision Off Of Hamilton Bridge Road!

Meadowbrook, Milton, FL

Named Area Off Byrom St!

Mills Bayou, Milton, FL

mills Bayou
Nicer Subdivision Near A Ravine!

Milton Heights, Milton, FL

Milton Heights
Named Community Off Stewart Street!

Monterey Shores, Milton, FL

Monterey Shores
Waterfront Subdivision On San Raphael St

Monticello Estates, Milton, FL

Monticello Estates
Subdivision By Adams Homes And D.R Horton 

Morgan Ridge, Milton, FL

Morgan Ridge
Subdivision Off Of Willard Norris

North Hills, Milton, FL

North Hills
Subdivision Off Of Northrop Road!

Oak Meadows, Milton, FL

Oak Meadows
A Subdivision Off Of Berryhill Road!

Oakcrest, Milton, FL

Named Area Off Hamilton Bridge Road!

Old Arcadia, Milton, FL

Old Arcadia
Subdivision Right Beside An Old Mill From The 1800s!

Pebble RIdge, Milton, FL

Pebble Ridge
Subdivision Off Of Avalon Blvd!

Pine Hill Acres, Milton, FL

Pine Hill Acres
Named Community Off Hamilton Bridge Road!

Rolling Green Estates, Milton, FL

Rolling Green Estates
Subdivision On The Back Side Of Tanglewood Golf Course!

Rosebud Acres, Milton, FL

Rosebud Acres
Street Subdivision Off Of Willard Norris Road!

Royal Manor, Milton, FL

Royal Manor
Street Subdivision Off Of Willard Norris Road!

Rustic Ridge Estates, Milton, FL

Rustic Ridge Estates
Homes By Adams Homes And D.R. Horton!

SA Jones Milton, FL

SA Jones
A newly built subdivision with tract homes by Adams Homes.

Seapines, Milton, FL

Sea Pines
Gated Waterfront Community Started In 2003!

Seneca Point, Milton, FL

Seneca Point
Subdivision Off Seneca Trail In The Avalon Area

Shields Point Plantation, Milton, FL

Shields Point Plantation
Luxury Waterfront Subdivision Beside Bay Pointe Plantation!

Ski Watch, Milton, FL

Ski Watch
Man-Made Pond Surrounded Subdivision!

Skyline Heights, Milton, FL

Skyline Heights
Named Community Between Dogwood Drive And Stewart Street!

Southern Manor, Milton FL

Southern Manor
Subdivision Off Of Anderson Lane!

Spencer Manor, Milton, FL

Spencer Manor
Named Area/Subdivision Near Dogwood Dr And Stewart St!

Starhill Estates, Milton, FL

Starhill Estates
Very Tight-Feeling Street Layout!

Sundial Estates, Milton, FL

Sundial Estates
Started In 1988 By Adams Homes!

Tall Timbers Estates, Milton, FL

Tall Timbers Estates
2-Street Community Off Hwy 87!

Tanglewood East, Milton, FL

Tanglewood East
a subdivision on a portion of the Tanglewood Golf Course in Milton, FL.

Tanglewood Oaks, Milton, FL

Tanglewood Oaks
A subdivision on the back side of the Tanglewood Golf Course in Milton, FL

Tanglewood West, Milton, FL

Tanglewood West
A subdivision directly on the back 9 holes of the Tanglewood Golf course.

Taryn's Estates, Milton, FL

Taryn’s Estates
Started In 2005 By Holiday Builders!

The Moores, Milton, FL

The Moores
Luxury Subdivision On A Golf Course!

The Glen, The Highlands, The Moors Golf & Racquet Club, Milton, FL

The Moores Golf & Racquet Club
Luxury Golfing & Racquet Community!

The Preserve, Milton, FL

The Preserve
Giant Community Started In 2010!

Tidal Bay, Milton, FL

Tidal Bay
Luxury Waterfront Subdivision Off Garcon Point Road!

Timber Ridge, Milton, FL

Timber Ridge
Started In 2000 By Timberland Contractors!

Ventura Estates, Milton, FL

Ventura Estates
Subdivision Off Of Audiss Rd!

Ventura Manor, Milton, FL

Ventura Manor
Started In 2021 By Holiday Builders!

Waterview Estates, Milton, FL

Waterview Estates
Luxurious Waterfront Subdivision Off Of Robinson Point Rd!

Westland Acres, Milton, FL

Westland Acres
Subdivision Off Of Glover Ln!

Westwood, Milton, FL

Subdivision Off Of Dogwood Dr!

Whisper Creek, Milton, FL

Whisper Creek
A fairly new community in Milton, FL that has new developments by DR Horton, Adams Homes, and Holiday Builders. 

Whitney Acres, Milton, FL

Whitney Acres
Subdivision Off Of Willard Norris Rd!

Wildwood Estates, Milton, FL

Wildwood Estates
Subdivision Off Of Happy Hollow Dr!

Woodbury Forest, Milton, FL

Woodbury Forest
A Subdivision Off Of Audiss Rd!

Woodcrest Estates, Milton, FL

Woodcrest Estates
A Subdivision Off Of Cyanamid Rd!

Woodland Lake, Milton, FL

Woodland Lake
A Subdivision Off Of Riviera Dr!

Woodland Lake Heights, Milton, FL

Woodland Lake Heights
A Subdivision Off Of Riviera Dr!

Yellow River Ranch
Beautiful 1,421-acre community in Milton, FL by Holiday Builders

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