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One of the Top Thirty Home Builders in the Nation

Benefits of Using DSLD Homes

  • Easy 12-step process
  • Offers a 24-hour emergency hotline
  • Focuses on affordable quality
  • Large Service Area
  • Offers DSLD Title and Mortgage





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Rating: 3 out of 5.

Hundreds of Successful Communities in the Southeast!

DSLD Homes

Origin Story

While we couldn’t find any accurate data on DSLD Homes Origin Story. Our team will be reaching out to one of their representatives to get this info ASAP.

About DSLD Homes

DSLD Homes, LLC is a large private home builder that has created hundreds of successful communities in the southeast, being rated as one of the top thirty home builders in the nation and the largest private one in the region. They have only been able to develop and maintain this level of success by having partners such as DSLD Mortgage, DSLD Title, Insurance America, LLC, and tons of relationships with local brokers and real estate agents; not including the multiple referrals, they receive from previous customers. DSLD and Managing partners brag about their over 100+ years of residential experience. This only begins to explain why they have new construction homes in over 120 communities currently. DSLD Homes is not a custom builder and does not build on your lot but they do offer several different house plans with multiple packages depending on the community but built to customers’ taste within a certain market, including options for colors, flooring, granite, lighting packages, and cabinets. They also put a huge emphasis on research to find quality products to be used within their home such as High-Density R-15 Bibs Wall Insulation, Attic Insulation R-30 Fiberglass Loose Fill, Low E3 Windows, Tankless Water Heaters (if gas is available) and more. Their goal is to make the building process as simple and stress-free as possible for each and every customer and in order to do this they created a simple 12-step process to purchase one of their homes which can be found below. While some homebuilders are self-proclaimed great, DSLD has many awards to back up what they say including:  

2019 Company of the Year

DSLD Homes is voted Best Workplace for Millennials & Medium Size Companies in 2016

2015 National Housing Quality Award GOLD Winner

2013 National Housing Quality Awards SILVER Winner

Highest Distinction in Customer Satisfaction

2011 Builder of the Year

Customer Support 

DSLD Homes customer support is mostly handled by your builder sales representative during the building process. They stay in contact through emails, texts, calls, and pictures. As far as we know they don’t offer an app or program to keep you informed and you’re not allowed to be on-site while construction is in progress until after the final inspection, however, you can visit the model home at any time during this process. We believe they do this to keep as much of the stress, worry, and burden of construction off of you the consumer. Their customer support really revolves around a step-by-step simple stress-free process. One thing DSLD offers is multiple testimonials from happy customers on their website (you can find that here). They also offer a 24-7 after-hours emergency number for any issues with your newly built home. (1-844-767-2713) (Emergency are defined within their Customer Care Manual) Finally, one of the coolest things DSLD Homes offer is special offers on their website, at any given time they could have promos, discounts, refunds, really anything you can imagine.


 DSLD Homes is widely spread out across the Southeast United States actively constructing new homes throughout LouisianaSouthern MississippiAlabamaTexas, and Northwest Florida. While only being able to build within one of their communities we recommend going to their website or calling a sales representative to see what options are available near you.

Core Values

DSLD Homes’s philosophy is explained simply by Saun Sullivan, CEO at DSLD Homes, “It’s all about affordable quality” and “We always strive to provide the very best value and service at a price our customers can afford.” 

Building Process
  1. SELECT YOUR HOME AND HOMESITE – Here you pick your community and the home plan.
  2. OBTAIN MORTGAGE PRE-APPROVAL – Next you must get a pre-approval for a loan. DSLD offers DSLD Mortgage to assist in this process.
  3. WRITE A PURCHASE AGREEMENT – Next, is signing the contract and starting the purchase and construction process.
  4. PERSONALIZE HOME WITH COLOR/OPTION SELECTIONS – After, you pick options, features, colors, and many other things.
  5. GROUNDBREAKING ON YOUR NEW HOMESITE – Now, DSLD Homes start construction on your home with things such as marking the 4 corners of the house and pouring the foundation.
  6. FRAMING STARTS – Then, DSLD Homes will start the framing, building the structure of the house as well as many other things.
  7. WEEKLY PROGRESS REPORTS BEGIN – At his point a DSLD rep will give you weekly updates
  8. CONSTRUCTION PROGRESSES – Here, they start doing other things in the construction process such as punch out, sheetrock, cabinets and etc…
  9. FINAL MORTGAGE CONFIRMATION & PREPARE FOR CLOSING – Now, your mortgage loan will be approved and they will start preparing for closing.
  10. DSLD QUALITY INSPECTION – DSLD will then complete their 700-point inspection on your new home.
  11. FIRST WALK-THRU & SIGN-OFF WALK-THRU – Here DSLD will give you a 2-hour orientation on your new home showing you all the new products and features.
  12. CLOSE, MOVE-IN, & ENJOY YOUR NEW DSLD HOME – Finally, closing is here, you get the keys to your home finish any closing cost, and take ownership of the home.

All new DSLD Homes come with a DSLD Limited Home warranty they also offer Home Insurance through Insurance America, LLC which also offers flood and boating insurance. All homes come guaranteed with a 1-year builder warranty, 2-year systems warranty, and a structural warranty with the timeframe of it depending on the state. DSLD also offers a 1-year extended warranty in Louisiana and Mississippi. (Extending the workmanship and structural warranty by one year) To find the exact timeframes and warranties offered you can search for the warranty manual by the state on their website.

Summary of DSLD Homes

To sum it up, DSLD Homes, LLC is a very successful homebuilder throughout the southeast with multiple awards. They pride themselves on an affordable, stress-free, quality home and have designed a team and process to deliver that for every customer. While not building on your lot, or giving the ability to alter plans they do offer packages for customization depending on the community. All in all, if you’re willing to lose some customization options and the ability to build on your lot while still looking for a quality home with an affordable price DSLD is one to consider.



What is DSLD Homes rated?

They are rated as one of the top 30 homebuilders in the United States.

What kind of warranty does DSLD Homes offer?

DSLD homes give a 1-year builder warranty, 2-year systems warranty, and a structural warranty with the timeframe of it depending on the state. They also offer Home Insurance through Insurance America, LLC which also offers flood and boating insurance

Does DSLD Homes build on your lot?

No, DSLD Homes does not build on your lot, they build communities that offer different packages depending on the area.

In what states does DSLD Homes build?

DSLD Homes builds throughout the Southeast United States in states such as Louisiana, Southern Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, and Northwest Florida.


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