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Americas Largest New Home Builder by Volume.

Benefits of Using D.R Horton

  • Large national, publicly traded company
  • Typically, a Quicker New Home Construction Purchase 
  • Uses model homes so you can pre-view your investment
  • Has tons of affiliate companies to assist you on the journey.







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Huge Nation wide builder across 32 states

D.R Horton

Origin Story

D.R. Horton was founded in 1978 in Fort Worth, Texas with humble beginnings and over the past 44 years, they have built more than 910,000 homes and grown to 104 operations across 32 states. Even claiming the title of the most chosen homebuilder by consumers since 2002. Recently, even closed 81,749 homes throughout their 4 companies in a 12-month period.

About D.R Horton

D.R Horton, Inc is a nationally recognized and publicly traded company building homes that range from $150,000 to over $1,000,000 in 104 markets across 32 states. Under the D.R Horton portfolio, you have D.R. Horton (Aimed at quality and value), Emerald Homes (Aimed at Luxury), Express Homes (Aimed at First-time Homebuyers), and Freedom Homes (Aimed at active adults) with each one being specialized for a different target market group. However, these other companies do not have the service range that D.R Horton offers, so if you were interested in one you will need to see the service areas that are listed below. They also are a majority owner of Forestar Group, Inc. (a national residential lot development company). D.R. Horton provides mortgage, title, and insurance for customers through their multiple subsidiaries, which proves helpful and simplifies the process. Through these companies and many years, they have delivered over 910,000 homes to America. Another impressive statistic is that they operate in 44 of the top 50 markets in the United States, and rank among the top 5 in 35 of these. With D.R Horton being so massive they have incorporated their own customer-driven principles to try to work as closely as possible with each individual market, using this to identify wants, needs, statistics, pricing, incentives, and offerings of any individual market. They also believe in financial strength maintaining a significant cash balance and liquidity position while attempting to keep debt to a minimum, this not only helps to protect the consumer but multiple stockholders within the company. With D.R Horton being a Tract Builder you don’t get full customization of your home as you would with other builders, however there devoted to building new home communities that appeal to a broad range of customers with industry-leading smart homes that have top-tier features and products including One-Wire Connectivity, Geofencing Technology, Hands-Free Communication, Muli-Platform Wireless Network, Energy Efficiently and Single Application Control. 

Customer Support 

With D.R Horton being a tract home builder they offer customer support a little differently than most home builders, the reason being, this business plan requires a more customer-driven insight with each individual market to identify the wants and needs in a particular area. While still backing up their homes with warranties and offering support with the sales process and building process (If there is one). So, the D.R. Horton process to more comparable to a real estate transaction where you’re purchasing a home from someone else. With all this being said, they still take the utmost priority in delivering high-quality homes and making sure it is a positive experience both during and after the sale.


D.R Horton has operations in 104 markets in 32 states with those being 

  • D.R Horton – 32 States, 104 markets (Closing 81,749 Homes Last Fiscal Year)
  • Emerald Homes – 5 States, 14 Markets (Closing 919 Homes Last Fiscal Year)
  • Express Homes – 21 States, 64 Markets (Closing 24,433 Homes Last Fiscal Year)
  • Freedom Homes -10 States, 22 markets (Closing 2,332 Homes Last Fiscal Year)

(Click Links above to be taken to their website to find exact locations)

Core Values

D.R. Horton’s core value is simple, “a value-first dedication to the individual needs of each and every one of our nation’s homebuyers.” They also ensure this with their home warranty which is meant to ensure and protect the investment of their customers. You can find more info on the home warranty below.

Building Process
  • Determine Budget and Get Pre-Approval – They offer lending affiliates that can estimate the anticipated cost of home loans and closing costs as well as get you your preapproval.
  • Finding your new home – By using their sales specialist within your community or by using their search database on their website. You can quickly find the home best suitable for your lifestyle and budget.
  • Visit model home – After deciding on a location talk to your sales specialist about viewing a model home to get a better idea of what your investment will look like. You can also schedule this through their website.
  • Sales Contract – After finding the home best suitable to your price and needs you will sign a sales contract in order to purchase the home and start the closing process.
  • Closing – This is the day when you get your keys, officially own the home, and pay all necessary closing cost
  • Moving In – This is the best and most exciting part. This is the day you get to officially move in and start your life in a D.R. Horton Home!

All of D.R. Hortons homes get a 10-year limited home warranty with all home warranty claims getting submitted through Residential Warranty Company, LLC. The full information on Residential Warranty Company, LLC and the Home Warranty D.R Horton offers can be found on a descriptive PDF which we have the link for below.


Summary of D.R Horton

To sum up D.R. Horton they are an extremely successful company that has built almost a million homes for consumers over the last 40 years. However, they are about as far from a custom builder as you can get. However, for what you lose in customization you regain in which how fast you can get into a new construction home. You also have the full support and help of the D.R Team which is a part of multiple companies across the United States. So, if you’re looking for a new home and don’t want to wait or deal with the worry or stress that comes with the building; D.R. Horton should be an option.



When was D.R Horton Founded?

D.R Horton was founded in 1978 in Fort Worth, Texas.

In what states does D.R Horton build?

D.R Horton builds in 32 states in including

What companies does D.R Horton Own

They own multiple companies including Freedom Homes, Emerald Homes and Express Homes.

What is Freedom Homes?

Freedoms Homes is a home building company by D.R Horton that focuses on homes for active adults.

What is Emerald Homes?

Emerald Homes is a home-building company by D.R Horton that focuses on providing luxury homes.

What is Express Homes?

Express Homes is a home building company by D.R Horton that focuses on providing quality, affordable homes.


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