FAQ about MyRealLand.com

With so much to look at we understand you probably have many questions, but we have tried to answer as many as possible. If your question is not answered here feel free to reach out to our team.


Q. What is the Purpose of My Real Land?

A. My Real Land was designed to be an informational website for people Buying, Selling, Investing, and working within Real Estate.

Q. How does the Company handle Real Estate Transactions?

A. All real estate leads are transferred to a licensed brokerage that we have preselected to best help and assist the customer.

Q. How does a Business Become Featured?

A. Businesses that are featured pay a monthly subscription in order to be featured. However, they can not pay to change their reviews or rating and there can only be 5 per county. We select the 5 through an intense vetting process that we created.

Q. What is your mission statement?

A. Our mission statement is simple. “We want everyone to have the information and resources they need to quickly and accurately make informed decisions regarding real estate because the man with the most information always wins.”

Q. Who is The Sorrells Organization, LLC?

A. The Sorrells Organization, LLC owns and operates MyRealLand.com.

Q. How do you get your ratings?

A. Our star ratings for home builders, service providers, and virtually everything else within the website are all done by a rating calculation. We look through Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp, and others to find accurate reviews, we then average the reviews and get our star rating.

Q. Will My Real Land ever expand beyond Santa Rosa County?

A. Yes, we are currently gathering information and data to be able to post other counties. Our end goal and dream is to be a nationally recognized website helping give valuable information to everyone within real estate.

Q. Is the Information Accurate?

A. While we can’t guarantee the information for legal reasons, we take the upmost pride in giving accurate, up-to-date information and we have many processes and techniques to ensure this.

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