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MyRealLand.com focuses on putting you in power. We make no exceptions with our service providers. With so many companies in the market to choose from we pride ourselves on our consistent effort to give you the best available options along with the most information.


There are hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of websites dedicated to showing property and business reviews, but we ask the question, do they give you ALL the information you need to be successful? We have embarked on a mission to be the first interactive, hands-on, Real Estate Information Website.

Real Estate Information

People spend their entire life living on real estate. They spend their hard-earned money, savings, and time in order to acquire and keep it. With that information, we have set out on a mission to give the most accurate, up-to-date, readily accessible real estate information to everyone in the United States. This is why The Sorrells Organization, LLC created MyRealLand.com in an attempt to assist every person before, during, and after every real estate service or transaction.


Most everyone in this day and age feels lost within the real estate community. Whether that’s buying and selling real estate, or looking for someone as simple as a roofer. We are here to forever change that, with our features, products, innovations, ideas, and new developments. We strive to put the empowerment of Real Estate back into the hands our forefathers intended it to be in… YOU

The Sorrells Organization, LLC



Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go and etc. All of these companies have a shared characteristic, Search Engines. Today it’s nearly impossible to have a highly successful business without scaling these massive search engines, that’s where we come in. With our knowledge and techniques, we understand how to succeed with your Search Engine Optimization journey.


The man with the most information always wins, this can be proven by people going to college for 12 years to become a Doctor. The Sorrells Organization’s goal is the Robin Hood of Information we want to gather information from the top and share it evenly so everyone can have the information they need during every phase of life.


Marketing is the most simple complex issue most businesses face. The Sorrells Organization specializes in helping small, medium, and large companies increase revenue, brand recognition, and organic leads through a highly strategic process we created.

Website Design

Website Design has been highly simplified through the years by multiple website design companies. However, when wanting to gain that business edge you don’t want another basic website. The Sorrells Organization specializes in custom-built, SEO-optimized websites for businesses and consumers to ensure you have the best website for the best product.

Tristen Sorrells’ Background



2019 – Present

Being a REALTOR® has taught me and helped me in many ways. First being held to a higher standard and a code of ethics and understanding the responsibility of holding that Title. Also, being a part of the National Association of Realtors has given me a national network of Real Estate Professionals to help customers in the quickest most efficient way possible.

BTK Innovations

2020 – 2021

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, there was a new problem, people needed to be able to quickly, effectively, and safely measure the temperature of people in any public space. That’s where BTK Innovations stepped in with a state-of-the-art kiosk that used facial recognition to safety check ones temp. Being Vice President of Sales, and Director of Logistics, the company successfully put thousands of units in businesses, schools, courthouses (Including the Florida Supreme Court), airports, stadiums, jails, prisons, and government buildings all over the country in a matter of months.

Investor Expert

2016 – Present

Since I was 16, I have owned 3 Businesses and been a part of multiple million-dollar businesses. The personal experience of being around other multi-million dollar investors, and together creating multi-million dollar companies, has taught me things that you could never learn in a book. Watching other experts, seeing what they invest in, how they invest, and how they make the decision to invest.

High Tide Farms

2018 – 2020

When I started at High Tide Farms in Santa Rosa County we had about 50 head of cattle. For 2 years I ran and managed the day-to-day operation of the cattle. This gave me an unimaginable work ethic, along with the ability to keep calm under harsh and stressful conditions. Ultimately, helping to grow the farm to over 200 head of Cows, Bulls, Calves, Steers, and heifers before leaving in Mid 2020.

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Kinetic Realty Services, LLC

We exist to help individuals and families find homes and experience joy when they find it, assisted by professionals and technology that foster an effective, transparent and efficient process, giving customers assurance and confidence they made a wise financial decision establishing a foundation for them and their family to live life together and thrive.

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